Home Additions

Need More Space? Consider a Building a Home Addition

If you feel the walls are closing in on you, perhaps a room addition is the perfection solution for you. They are a great way to add space to an existing home. Adding a simple room is a cost-effective way to extend your living space. Add space to your kitchen area, and suddenly you’ve got a spacious area for the family to gather.
If building out is an issue then consider building up. Adding a 2nd story to your house not only gives you more space but also increases the value of your home considerably. Perhaps you are not looking to add a 2nd story and are looking for a little extra space for some peace and quiet. Then a sunroom is a perfect solution. RTC can help you with any of these ideas and more.

Basic Room Addition

If you are a growing family, then a basic room addition might give you that extra space you are looking for. A standard basic room add-on is a foundation, three walls, floor, ceiling, and a roof. This can be a bedroom, a space for family and friends to gather for television, games, conversation, or all of the above.

Kitchen Expansion

The kitchen is the hub for your home. Looking to make a bold move? Add space to your kitchen for one of the most dramatic and rewarding changes you can do to your home.

Why not Raise Your Roof

If more room is needed, but you can’t get it by building out, then consider building up, and raising the roof. Adding a 2nd story to a home is often one of the most cost-effective renovations to gain livable space.

Sunrooms for All-Seasons

Florida rooms, or sunrooms, have come a long way. What used to resemble a box added to a house now are designed to blend with the architecture of your home.

The options are numerous when it comes to both exterior and interior additions to your home. Call RTC today and let us walk you through your options.

Reno Time Construction LTD. has been completing custom home renovation projects for Brantford and surrounding areas for the last twenty years. Modern or traditional, Reno Time Construction LTD. offers quality craftsmanship and design for your entire home. Joey and his team are extremely knowledgable about all general renovation needs. As an authorized Cabico kitchen cabinets dealer, RTC can bring your construction renovation dreams to life!

Major renovations are exciting and daunting – let RTC take the stress off you and complete your construction project in a timely manner, and on budget! Joey and his team of tradespeople are passionate about making your project as stress-free as possible and delivering the best results for your construction project. Home improvements can change the look and feel of your entire home, and help with the real estate resell of your property. RTC can complete any job, whether its bathroom renovations, home additions, kitchen renovations, kitchen remodeling, basement renovation, garage constructions, or any residential renovation.

Call Reno Time Construction LTD. today and have peace of mind of a job done right!


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